Parenting Coordinator Services

In a family law case, there are times when the parties need someone to help them co-parent, to resolve time sensitive issues, and to help the parties avoid court, if necessary. A parenting coordinator can serve that role. The parenting coordinator is a relatively new development in family law. The idea is that the parties agree that an experienced lawyer or other processional can help the parties work through issues without tying up the courts or waiting a long period for a court date.

The parties determine how the process works. The parties determine what issues the parenting coordinator may resolve. The parties work directly with the coordinator to resolve issues. If the parties can’t resolve the issues by mediation or negotiation, the parenting coordinator often has the authority to issue binding recommendations, subject to the objections of either party’s counsel. This process encourages the parties to work out their problems promptly, privately, and fairly. Litigation is still an option, but is not the sole option. Derrick Wilson has served as a parenting coordinator in several cases in Southern Indiana.

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