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Divorce can be an extremely emotional and difficult time for anyone.  Regardless of whether the divorce has been in the discussion stages for months or if it’s sudden and unexpected, the parties have to discuss and address many difficult issues.  These often include:

In the divorce process, it’s sometimes difficult for spouses to think clearly about how these and other matters should be resolved, or to think beyond the end of the marriage.

This is where we can help.

As Indiana divorce lawyers, we are well experienced in the many issues involved when a marriage ends. As your legal counsel, we identify these issues and work with you to understand your desired outcome.  Once this step is reached, we can then work with you to develop a plan toward achieving your goals.

The divorce process is not about fighting to the death over every issue. Instead, it’s about developing an acceptable resolution to a number of important matters that must be addressed.  Ideally, a good strategy for a divorcing spouse will be to stay focused on the key items of importance and the desired outcome rather than to “win” as much as possible on matters that are not significant.

Innovative solutions in divorce.

In most divorces, the items that are of the most concern to one spouse may be of less concern to another spouse.  By carefully understanding the items that are of the most concern to each party, we are often able to develop innovative solutions to problems that may be the subject of significant disagreement.

While we can’t take away the emotional pain of a divorce, we can help you through this very difficult time so that you are in a good position to start your life anew.

If you are considering a divorce or need legal representation in a divorce, please call us.  We will meet with you so that we can learn about your situation, and we can tell you how the law will apply to your particular case.

Client Review

“Derrick Wilson has been AMAZING at advising and representing me in my complicated and long divorce. He is always on top of the situation, and it is obvious his peers/competitors greatly respect him as well. He is a very compassionate person who always remains level-headed and always has my best interest in mind. He explains the process very well, in clear and concise steps. He communicates in a very efficient way to reduce costs while never making me feel bad for needing extra time when the situation requires it. He is fair and practical yet very intelligent and knows the law. Bottom line, you want this attorney on your side, not the other way around! If you need expert representation, Derrick Wilson is the best choice!”

Google Review 5 Stars – H.M.

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