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Derrick Wilson’s practice is devoted to family law, medical malpractice defense, business counsel and representation, and personal injury matters.

When a client comes to me, regardless of whether it is for a family law matter such as divorce or for a business matter,what the client is ultimately looking for is a solution to a problem. As an attorney, I focus on developing creative and innovative solutions designed to help achieve that best outcome possible for their problem.

In the litigation context, for example, clients typically prefer not to go to trial. Instead, if they have been injured, they want to be compensated for their injuries. If they are involved in a child custody dispute, they want to gain their share of custody. If they are involved in a business litigation matter, they want to see the matter resolved expeditiously and fairly with minimal disruption to the business.

It’s easy for attorneys to lose sight as to what the true goals of the client may be. A litigation attorney, for example, may take a very adversarial approach in developing litigation strategy that is ultimately aimed to one thing — winning at trial. The client’s goals, however, may be completely different. They may not want to be viewed in their industry and in the community as being overly litigious. Instead, they may prefer an approach designed to reach an early resolution of a matter rather than a “fight to the death” approach designed to end in trial.

With more than 20 years of practicing law, I’ve found that the key to achieving client goals is to keep an open mind in appreciating the positions of both our clients and their adversaries. By understanding all positions, it’s often possible to come up with a creative and innovative solution that will achieve the objectives of our clients, as well as a solution that is likely to be acceptable to the opposing parties.

Conversely, failing to understand the positions of the adversaries of our clients does not further the development of an acceptable solution. Instead, it typically leads to further litigation, increased legal fees and expenses, and ultimately a resolution determined by a court or jury, rather than by the clients.

If you are in need of legal representation in a family law matter, or one of the matters listed on the side, I would invite you to call me. I would be delighted to meet with you at your convenience so that I may learn about your matter, and so that you can learn about how I and our firm can represent you.

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Bar Association Involvement

  • Indiana State Bar Association
    • Young Lawyers Section
      • District Rep. and Secretary/Treasurer 2001-02
      • Chair-Elect 2002-03
      • Chair 2003-04
    • Board of Governors (2002-04; 2006-08)
    • General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section
      • Vice Chair 2013-14
      • Chair 2014-15
    • Indiana Solo/Small Firm Conference Committee (2012-current)
      • Vice Chair 2014-16
      • Chair 2016-2018
    • Budget Committee (2014-15)
    • Governance Member – e-Filing Committee (2014-2015)
    • Future of Law Committee (2016-current)
    • JLAP Volunteer (2017-current)
  • Floyd County Bar Association (President, 1998-99)
  • Kentucky Bar Association, American Bar Association –
    • Young Lawyers Division
      • District Rep. 1999-00
      • Leadership Team 2001-02
      • Chair, Midwest Regional Meeting 2002
      • Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys;
    • Young Lawyers Club of Louisville, Kentucky
      • Secretary/Treasurer, 1992-93;
      • President 1993-94
  • Louisville Bar Association (Kentucky)
    • Executive Counsel, LBA Young Lawyers Section, 1993-94
    • Chair-Elect, 1994-95
    • Chair 1995-96


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