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When a divorce occurs, the court must determine how the minor children of the divorcing couple will be supported.  This requires making decisions concerning legal and physical custodyparenting time, and the financial obligations of each of the parents.

At Mattox & Wilson, we provide guidance and representation to clients concerning these matters.  We work hard on behalf of our clients and with opposing counsel in seeking to obtain child support, custody, and parenting time agreements that will be in the best interests of our client and their children.

Indiana has specific laws and statutes that apply to determining child support.  In general, these laws are designed to promote the welfare of the children and ensuring that their basic needs are met.  While the income of the parents  is critical, there are other considerations that affect support.

Support Modification

In some instances a parent may face the sudden loss of a job or other situation which results in the parent becoming suddenly unable to make support payments.  If this happens, this is an important issue that needs to be addressed.  Courts are typically not agreeable to eliminating support obligations simply because a parent loses his or her job, as the children still need to be provided with the food, clothing, and other support.

We represent clients who are not receiving support payments from their former spouse in seeking to collect amounts that are owed to the children.  In some cases, we will also represent a spouse who may seek a reduction in support payments in certain extenuating circumstances, such as he or she become severely incapacitated.

To learn more about our representation in child support matters, please call our firm so that we can schedule a meeting to learn about your matter.

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