New Albany Divorce Lawyers & Business Attorneys

As New Albany lawyers, we represent individuals and business clients in matters including:

Regardless of the nature of your matter, we focus on one thing – trying to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

Your Situation is Unique.

We listen. By understanding your situation and objectives, we can better develop a strategy designed to achieve your desired outcome.

Call Us So That We Can Learn About Your Legal Needs.

Creativity and Innovative Thinking Can Be the Key to Achieving a Successful Outcome.

Creativity and innovation are not terms typically associated with attorneys.
At our firm creativity and innovation are at the heart of how we represent clients.

Regardless of whether you’re going through a divorce or your company needs an employment lawyer for a litigation matter, we understand what you really are seeking is a solution to a problem, or assistance in furthering a personal objective (such as an estate plan) or business objective (such as evicting a problem tenant).

When adverse parties are involved, solutions for our clients typically result from not only understanding the desired outcome for our clients, but also understanding the goals of the opposing parties. By understanding all positions, it’s then possible to develop a creative and innovative solution that will achieve the objectives of our clients, as well as a solution that is likely to be acceptable to the opposing party.

If an acceptable solution cannot be developed, then we work hard to ensure that our clients are
well-positioned at trial or in court.

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