Indiana Custodial Relocation and Parenting Time Matters

After a divorce, a parent may desire to relocate out-of-state due to a job transfer or other circumstances.  We are available to represent either a mother or father when these circumstances arise.

In Indiana, when a parent will be relocating, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines lists various considerations that should be taken into account in developing a new parenting time schedule. These guidelines provide some information about how parenting time should be split based upon factors such as the age of the child, the distance that must be traveled, travel costs, and other matters.

The best situation, of course, is when both parents can agree upon an acceptable parenting time schedule.  Often, this requires creative thinking and innovation, not merely minor modifications to an already-existing schedule.

In many cases, parents have difficulty in revising parenting time schedules because of the past emotional issues concerning the divorce, or (in the case of the parent who is not relocating), the chance to have the “upper hand” over the relocating parent.  Of course, neither of these aspects helps to further the interests of the children involved and their need to spend quality parenting time with both parents.

We are often able to break through the differences between parents and to achieve an acceptable resolution for our clients.

If you need help or advice concerning parenting time matters, please call our firm.  We can schedule a meeting with you at your convenience so that we can learn about your matter.

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