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Our firm is known for creative problem-solving and for taking a proactive, long-term approach of helping business clients.

We want to learn about your business so that we can help you at a moment’s notice.  By understanding your business goals, we are able to develop innovative solutions designed to further company objectives when legal matters arise.

How we help clients

We represent businesses in a wide range of matters including:

Business Formation: There are a number of different legal entity options for conducting business, such as:

  • Sole proprietor,
  • Partnership,
  • Limited Liability Company,
  • Corporation (where an “S-corp” tax election can be made so that the corporate taxes are passed through to the shareholders, or the corporation can be taxed as a “C-corp” where taxes are levied at the corporate level), and
  • Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC), which is available for professionals such as doctors, accountants, and lawyers.

We can explain the legal and tax ramifications for these different options and work with you to identify the best form for your company as it grows.

Shareholder agreements and “buy-sell” agreements:  If a company will be owned by a number of individuals, it is important at the business formation stage to determine how certain ownership aspects will be addressed, such as if one owner wants to sell his or her shares, or what should happen to the shares owned by a shareholder who dies.  It’s often highly beneficial to consider these and other aspects at the outset of a business formation so that if such a situation arises, there will already be in place an agreement as to how the matter should be handled.

Corporate governance issues:  There are a number of legal governance matters that must be complied with on an ongoing basis in order to preserve the legal structure of the company and the limited liability protections that are afforded.  These consist of items such as annual meetings and state filings.

General Business Matters, including:

  • Negotiation and contract preparation, such as sales agreements and licenses,
  • Litigation, such as commercial contract disputes,
  • Employment law, including proactive counsel on employment policies and compliance, and employment defense representation,
  • Real estate matters, including lease matters, and
  • General advice on legal issues, such as the preparation of employee or key executive agreements and other contracts, filing for patents, trademarks and other intellectual property issues, and structuring a partner or director exit strategy agreement including buy/sell agreements.

Our business advice is not provided in a vacuum, but rather tailored specifically to the needs and objectives of your business. We invite you to call us so that we can learn about your business and the legal needs that you may have.

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