New Albany Parenting Time Attorneys: What You Need to Know About Parenting Time in Indiana

Navigating the complexities of parenting time rights in Indiana can be both emotionally challenging and legally daunting. As experienced New Albany parenting time attorneys, we have firsthand experience in successfully guiding countless parents through these intricate paths.

If you are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, or have general questions about Indiana parenting time, we urge you to contact us. Schedule a consultation and let us help you understand and protect your parenting time rights.

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What Are Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines?

In Indiana, child visitation is referred to as “parenting time.” The state has adopted specific Parenting Time Guidelines that suggest how parenting time matters, such as visits to the non-custodial parent, should be approached. These guidelines are rooted in the belief that regular, significant, and ongoing contact with both parents is generally in a child’s best interest.

What Do The Parenting Time Guidelines Entail?

The Parenting Time Guidelines cover a broad spectrum of issues related to how parenting time should be divided. They take into account factors such as:

  • The child’s needs.
  • The child’s age.
  • Physical custody arrangements.
  • Holiday schedules.
  • Specific factors impacting a parent’s availability and capacity to offer quality parenting.

The guidelines emphasize that parents should always strive to establish a reasonable parenting time schedule.

What If Parents Can’t Agree On A Parenting Time Schedule?

While it is generally best when a mutually beneficial agreement on parenting time can be reached, this isn’t always achievable. In situations where an agreement cannot be settled independently, our firm can step in.

We collaborate with opposing counsel to craft a parenting plan both parties can accept. Through innovative solutions, we often succeed in formulating such a plan. If consensus remains elusive, we stand ready to represent our clients in mediation or court to champion the interests of both the client and their children.

When Might Parenting Time Be Restricted in Indiana?

Parenting time can be limited under certain conditions. For instance, if a parent:

  • Displays physical or emotional abuse;
  • Is under the influence of drugs or alcohol; or
  • Any other adverse conditions that might jeopardize the child’s well-being.

In cases where a child’s welfare is at immediate risk, it is imperative to contact the police or the Department of Child Services immediately. Following that, our firm can advise on further necessary actions to help protect the best interests of your child.

Should I Address Parenting Time Early on During Divorce Proceedings?

Addressing parenting time early on during a divorce is typically the best approach. Although there might be a temptation to expedite the divorce process and tackle parenting time later (especially if relations between the spouses remain amicable), this isn’t the recommended method.

Post-divorce circumstances change, such as dating, which can complicate matters. Therefore, it’s advantageous to devise a detailed parenting plan early on in the divorce, in tandem with addressing property division and other divorce-related matters.

Why Mattox & Wilson Stands Out

  • Experience: With decades of combined experience, our team has a proven track record of success.
  • Client-Centric Approach. Your concerns are our top priority. We treat every case with the importance and urgency it deserves.
  • Educative Guidance. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, ensuring they understand every step of the process.

Your Trusted Allies in Parenting Time Matters: Mattox & Wilson

In the delicate landscape of child custody and visitation rights, the role of an experienced New Albany parenting time attorney cannot be overstated. At Mattox & Wilson, we are more than just your legal representatives; we are your staunch allies, equipped to navigate the intricacies of Indiana’s parenting time laws with a deep understanding and genuine empathy for the emotional hurdles you are facing.

We bring to the table not just a rich legacy of trust and deep understanding of Indiana parenting time laws but a harmonious blend of innovation, understanding, and educational approach to legal representation. We can champion not only your rights but also nurture the fragile bonds that matter the most, ushering in resolutions that are sensitive, compassionate, and just. Let us be your guiding light in securing a future where your parenting time rights are protected and respected.

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