Are you (or your clients) involved in business litigation? In many cases, the best course of action will be to identify the issues and facts, and then to use mediation in an attempt to resolve the business matter before costs get unjustifiably out of hand.

Our attorneys have years of experience in representing clients in business disputes and in mediation, as well as conducting mediations.  We bring this collective experience to business mediations in helping litigants seek to resolve their disputes in a mutually acceptable manner.

Determining the Total Cost of Litigation

In a litigation matter, legal fees can increase quickly.  So too can the “hidden” costs of litigation; namely, the time, effort, and mental energy required of executives in some matters to deal with the litigation requirements.  Such time is usually more productive on managing a business and moving a business forward, rather than document production or depositions.

Will the Additional Cost Lead to an Incrementally Better Result?

In mediation, the parties have two choices: enter into a settlement (which they may or may not like), or proceed down the litigation path.  While the proposed offer by the other party may not be particularly appealing, it’s important at this time that each party collectively assess the costs and merits of proceeding with litigation, and determining if the time and costs that may be involved will lead to a significantly better outcome.

As an example, if a business is likely to spend an additional $25,000 in legal fees to go to trial and another 200 hours of management time, would these costs and the extra six months waiting for trial be worthwhile if the expected award would be $50,000 higher? In disputes involving money, it’s easy for parties to focus on the “headline” amount – the amount to be paid or received – rather than the true cost of litigation.

We Help Litigants Work Towards Resolving Matters

We bring experience, dedication, and creativity to all mediations.  In most mediations, all three of these components are necessary to reach an effective result.  Call us today to find out how we can help you or your clients in seeking an effective, cost-efficient resolution for your business dispute.


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